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Recent Updates and News

February 2015 News

Since it’s launch in January 2015 the welwynww1 website has attracted great interest and February sees our first regular update, telling more about Welwyn during this time.

Added to the site are the stories of the Ward family, who lost two sons Harry and Edward, our Curate who served in Malta and the Mayes family, who lost three sons. Those three sons are also commemorated on the Welwyn Scouts Memorial.

We have added more photographs and besides many additions to the lists of Survivors of the war you can read a letter from one of those men - A Letter from Salonika

We have added more links about Welwyn - if your organisation would like a relevant link added please contact us, and of course we would appreciate any links others can make to our site.

Of older pages - did you know about the Peace Luncheon or the life of Charles Scott-Gatty ?

We hope you will find something new of interest - there is plenty more to be added over the coming months, but as always if you have any information or wish to contribute to the project, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us

Spring 2016 updates

After a rather too long delay the welwynww1 website has now been updated, not as regularly

as first envisaged !

Lengthy, often absorbing research has identified the stories of a large number of Welwyn survivors, whose details, whether brief or involved are included in the Survivors pages, together with new photographs

There are certainly more to be found - if you have any information on the survivors, listed here or not

please contact us

A little more is added to some stories in the Welwyn at War pages, where you can read about

The Welwyn Infant and his forthright views on the men who didn’t fight, The Soldiers from the Moorhen,

 one of Welwyn’s closed pubs and the strange story of George Dering’s descendent,

The Eccentrics Grandson as well one more Welwyn family’s story -

The Nash Family’s War